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Thermal Printers

Axicon supplies printers to cover a wide range of applications. Our CAB printers are reliable, flexible and affordable. If you need help selecting the right one please give us a call.

CAB A2+ Printer

Ideal for small labels for electronic and automotive industries


  • 4 - 61mm wide labels
  • Print on small/narrow paper and industrial labels
  • Fine print of 2D barcodes/graphics on small labels

CAB A4+ Printer

Ideal for medicine, healthcare, food, electronics, energy, Shipping and Logistics labels


  • 4 - 116mm wide labels
  • Retail supply chain barcoding
  • Manufacturing and Transportation labels
  • 200/300/600 resolution options

CAB A6+ Printer

Ideal for GS1-128 pallet labels, packaging labels and Transportation labels


  • 162mm print width
  • Up to 176mm wide labels
  • High speed, high resolution


To support our range of printers we’ve got a complete range of accessories:


Barcode tester allows linear barcodes to be tested as they’re being produced.


External rewinder - connected to the printer, rolls can be rewound easily.


Label/perforation cutter – for individual labels or tags.


Software - for PCs - our flexible, easy to use software caters for all demands and includes the GS1-128 printing wizard. It also has the ability to link directly to your database providing optimum integration between product and labelling.

Servicing & Repairs

We know how important it is to keep your printers and labelling activity online at all times.


As well as telephone support for troubleshooting and software issues we can tailor service and repair agreements to suit your business.

CAB A8+ Printer

Ideal for: AIAG and odette labels, chemical colour / black labels


  • 216mm print width
  • Up to 220mm wide labels
  • High speed, high resolution

CAB Mach 4

Ideal for warehouse, logistics and packaging labels


  • Up to 104mm wide labels
  • 200/300/600 resolution options
  • Part and product identification
  • Print speed of 100/200 mm/sec

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