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EU 1169/2011 Labels

Allergen and nutrition food labelling

The latest EU legislation concerning food labelling, the EU 1169/2011 Food Information to Consumers regulation came into force on 13 December 2014, and it requires clearer and more explicit providing of information. The regulation is concerned with highlighting allergens in the ingredients listing, as well as ‘use-by’ dates and nutritional information. There are also minimum requirements for the sizes of fonts being used to make sure that consumers can read all the information being provided.


Labelling new food products to meet these requirements, or re-labelling food products imported from outside the European Union is where we can help. We know and understand EU 1169/2011 and we can offer advice as well as the labels you need.


Whether it is front or back labels that you require, there is no minimum order size, and we can incorporate all existing brand and product graphics, any necessary barcode, the revised ingredients listing, and any other information. These labels can be printed in black and white or full colour, using flexographic, digital or letterpress to suit your application.

All our labels are produced in an ISO 9001 environment, and if they include barcodes these will be verified to ensure that they comply with the international ISO/IEC standards used by major retailers.


If you want to print labels in-house, we can also supply you with the printing equipment and all the consumables you will need. These printers are ideal for adding variable information to blank or pre-printed labels. With low operating costs, proven reliability and build quality, our printers will meet all your expectations.


We have over 30 years’ experience in supplying brand owners, manufacturers, importers and distributors with the labels they need. Please contact us for more information about how we can help you.


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