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Label Applicators

Reduce waste and increase efficiency with one of our hand held, bench or wall mounted label applicators.



Speed, accuracy of application, portability and ease of use make handheld label applicators a popular choice for many companies. With a minimum label width of 30mm and low pricing, these machines can handle the vast majority of commonly used labels.


Bench or Wall Mounted

Helping to keep your production or dispatch area clean and tidy, our range of wall or desk mounted dispensers are made of rigid metal with a robust construction. Typically used to apply one-off or low volumes of labels the Axicon range of dispensers has been especially selected to last for years with virtually no maintenance.

Bottle Matic II

The Bottle-Matic will apply labels up to 380mm wide onto cylindrical containers from 12mm to 250mm in diameter and at a rate of up to 1200 pieces per hour.


The Bottle-Matic II can apply one or two labels (Back & Front) to a container and the gap between the labels can be adjusted up to 265mm in increments of 0.25mm. The Bottle-Matics can be adapted to work with tapered, ridged or odd shaped containers.


For containers under 38mm in diameter and lightweight containers a pressure arm is fitted as standard.


Now Available In Three Widths

6″ (152mm), 10″ (250mm) & 16″ (406mm)


Weight: 15 Kgs

Dimensions – 540mm x 450mm x 200mm

Manual Bottle Label Applicator

Quickly applies labels to bottles, cans, jars and other cylindrical products and is ideal for short runs.


Accurately places labels in the same location for consistent look.


Easily adjustable for different sized cylindrical containers without the need for tools from 13mm to 165mm diameter.


Heavy duty metal construction.


Weight: 8 Kgs

Container Diameter: 12.70mm to 165mm

Label Width: 25mm to 165mm

Label Roll Diameter: 305mm

Label Roll Core: 76mm

Dimensions – 572mm x 292mm x 343mm

Flex Matic

The Flex-Matic has been developed to accurately apply labels to a wide range of flat products including Bags, Envelopes, Pamphlets, PCB’s etc. up to a maximum thickness of 4mm.


It is easily set to position the labels horizontally and vertically on the products (minimum of 19mm from the leading edge vertically.)


It is possible to apply labels to continuous media providing a cut out is included to activate the feed sensor.


Most self adhesive materials can be applied including polymers and book labels but we always recommend testing them before purchase.


Weight: 18 Kgs

Dimensions – 550mm x 430mm x 200mm

Multi Roll Label Dispenser

The essential dispenser where low volume application is required, for different sized roll labels.


  • Made in one standard width of 280mm
  • Roll width up to 265mm
  • Max. roll diameter 175mm on any core
  • Fitted with 5 dividers as standard
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • Rigid metal construction

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