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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Whichever printer you have, whether one of our CAB range, or one made by ICE, Markem-Imaje, Toshiba TEC, Videojet, or Zebra, we have the right ribbons for you .  We have our own range of ribbons, called Axicon Advantage, as well as others from DNP and Ricoh.  The right choice will guarantee superb printing quality at a very good price.


CAB printers use flat head technology so choose one of those ribbons listed below.  Other brands of printer sometimes use near head technology which means a different set of ribbons must be used.  Your operating manuals should explain which type of ribbon you need for your equipment.


Ribbons come in different grades with different wax and resin combinations, some best for paper, others best for synthetics, so please ask us for advice if you are unsure what you need.


All popular widths are held in stock  |  300 products available  |  Next day delivery


The list of ribbons appears below

Flat head Technology

Product Description Download
AX310 Ecowax Standard grade wax ribbon. Typically used where price is a key factor Download Brochure
AX311 Premium wax
A versatile ribbon with a more durable image than Download Brochure
AX312 Premium wax Our most adaptable wax ribbon with print speeds of up to 300mm/second Download Brochure
AX325 Premium wax Crisp clear images and barcodes on a wide range of coated, uncoated and synthetic substrates Download Brochure
AX330 Super high performance resin Steam and heat resistant and highly durable on synthetics. UL and CSA approved Download Brochure
AX334 Toughest resin
Premium product with ultimate heat, solvent and abrasion resistance on synthetics Download Brochure
AX331 Ricoh high performance resin Super durability even at high speeds. UL and BS5609 approved Download Brochure
AX323 Ricoh wax resin Dense black print and the guarantee of ultimate print head protection Download Brochure
AX332 DNP R300 resin For when you need to print on polypropylene, polyethylene, polyolefin, vinyl or polyester Download Brochure

Near Edge Technology

Product Description Download
AX522 Wax resin Ideal for printing on matt paper, tray-end cards and synthetics. Less durable than AX521 Download Brochure
AX521 Premium wax resin Crisp, clear images and barcodes for Toshiba TEC and Avery printers. Available in black, silver, red & green Download Brochure
AX532 High performance resin Super durability at high speeds on Toshiba TEC printers. UL and BS5609 approved Download Brochure
AX333 High performance resin Extremely fast print speeds of up to 660mm/second makes this the ribbon of choice for many industrial packers Download Brochure
AX525 For in-line coders Drop-in replacement on a wide range of coders including Markem, ICE and Videojet. Great on synthetics Download Brochure


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