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Swing Tags

Sometimes labels are not the right solution, particularly when you are working with unusual or high value products.  So whether it is for homewares, such as soft furnishings, fashion items such as clothing and accessories, or simply something special where an innovative tag is just what you need, we can supply them.


Swing tags add value to your products by communicating your brand values through their design and quality.  So we offer swing tags printed onto a wide range of materials such as card, textured papers, and plastics.  These can be printed on one or both sides, in full or spot colour (or black and white), can incorporate metallic foils, and be produced in any shape.  Barcodes can of course also be included if necessary, and these will be verified to make sure that they scan every time.

The tags can be strung with a wide range of cords and strings, such as cottons, acrylics, elastics, ribbons – whatever will suit your product best – and they will be delivered to you fully trimmed, drilled, strung, and ready to go.


Please let us know what you would like, and let us provide you with a quotation.  Our turnaround time for swing tags is a little longer than that for labels, but we will do our best to get them to you as quickly as possible.

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