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UKCA Mark labels are the replacement for the CE (Conformité Européenne) mark labels and are now required on products being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

It shows that the manufacturers of these products have checked that they meet UK safety, health or environmental requirements, and that the products comply with UK legislation.

Since 1985, affixing a CE mark to your product indicates that it meets all relevant EU requirements. As a result of Brexit, the UK no longer uses identical standards, and the UKCA mark indicates that the product now meets all relevant UK regulations. 

Within the EU, CE marking remains mandatory for machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, medical devices, personal protective equipment, and toys. If you supply these goods into the EU you will need to ensure compliance with all the relevant EU requirements, and affix a CE mark to the product.

Northern Ireland

UKCA Mark Labels cannot be used for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market, where EU conformity marks continue to be used. This is most often the CE mark, but there are some other marks for specific products.

If you are using a UK body to carry out any mandatory third-party conformity assessments, then you also need to apply a UKNI mark. You never apply the UKNI mark on its own – it always accompanies the relevant EU conformity mark, such as the CE mark. Goods with both the CE and UKNI marks cannot be placed on the market in the EU.

Example UKNI mark
Example UKNI mark

How can we help you?

Axicon Labels are here to assist you with the transition from CE marking to UKCA marking. We can advise on label sizes and which adhesives will work best on your product. Our dedicated artwork team can create artwork from scratch and is able to incorporate the UKCA mark into your existing artwork.

We also recognise that the nature of UKCA Mark labels mean that they are often required quickly. Our range of printing presses enables us to turn your labels around quickly and get them delivered to where you need them, when you need them.

In Summary

What is it?
The UKCA Mark is the replacement for the CE Mark for goods on sale in Great Britain.

When is it effective?
Now. However, the deadline for when businesses need to use the UKCA mark has been extended. You can continue to use the CE mark until 31 December 2024.

Which products require a UKCA mark?  
You will need to use the UKCA mark if you manufacture or handle products in the following areas, and must comply with UK product legislation:

  • toys
  • pyrotechnics
  • recreational craft and personal watercraft
  • simple pressure vessels
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • non-automatic weighing instruments
  • measuring instruments
  • measuring container bottles
  • lifts
  • equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (UKEX)
  • radio equipment
  • pressure equipment
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • gas appliances
  • machinery
  • equipment for use outdoors
  • ecodesign
  • aerosols
  • low voltage electrical equipment

Don’t get this confused with…

China Export Mark. China has started using an almost identical “CE” symbol, which they say means China Export. The only difference from the European mark is that the two letters are closer together on the China mark. The Chinese mark simply shows that the goods were made in China, it does not indicate that they meet any safety standards.

Example of CE logo and China Export Logo
Example of CE logo and China Export Logo

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