Premium finishes

Your products are your passion; making sure that your product labels reflect the quantity of your product is ours.

It is widely accepted that consumers look at a product for as little as two seconds before making a purchasing decision. Make your Products stand out from the crowd and add value to your product by using premium embellishments and materials on your labels.

Metallic substrates

Metallic substrates

Metallic substrates can be a great way to add a sense of luxury, quality and perhaps most importantly, value to your product. Typically metallic labels are highly reflective but more subtle finishes can be achieved with a matte look.

Printing onto a bright silver or gold polypropylene will give your labels an overall bright metallic finish. Whereas to highlight logos or make specific text elements stand out, metallic foils or inks are used.

Metallic foils

Metallic Folis

Rather than an all-over metallic look, foils can be used to highlight aspects of a label such as product name, logo, or individual elements of a design. This can enhance the look of your products and add ‘shelf appeal’.

As well as a range of matt and reflective gold and silver, we are able to offer a range of metallic shades and holographic foils.


Laminates are very thin clear layer which covers the entire label making them extremely durable, even in the harshest of conditions. The laminate adds weight to the look and feel of the label. Aspects that many people feel contributes to a premium look in different ways

Gloss Laminate gives a premium shiny finish to labels and is often seen on personal hygiene items such as shower gels and shampoo. Matt Laminate gives a smooth satin finish to labels which can also be soft to the touch and is popular with artisan foods and craft beers.

Clear ‘No-look’ labels

No-look labels use a clear substrate that is over-printed, so that the text can appear to float across the surface of the product.

We use clear polypropylene (PP) which has the advantage of being resistant to water, oil and chemicals. This makes it ideal for cosmetics and refrigerated goods. As well as the face material the adhesive and liner play an important role in transparency of the finished label.


Your branding and label design are as important as your products. Adding a matt or gloss varnish can benefit your labels in a number of ways.

Preserving colour: A varnish will prolong the lifespan of your labels by adding a level of UV protection to combat fading.
Contamination: Varnishes can protect even matt and textured labels from a degree of moisture and allow spillages to be wiped clean. Perfect for the food and beverage market and especially products that need to be stored in a chilled or frozen environment.
Scuffing: Adding a varnish will protect the print on your label from scuffing during transit and the rigours of daily use.
Spot Varnishes draw attention to specific design elements of your label. A gloss varnish will have the effect of brightening colours and increasing the depth of colour, while a matt varnish is best used to provide contrast on a gloss substrate and can give a more sophisticated elegant look.

Adding a varnish can also be a more cost effective option than upgrading your label to a premium material and, when applied to a paper label, it is also a more environmentally friendly option than applying a laminate.