Made in China

Making sure that the labels on products imported from China meet all UK regulations and have correct, scannable barcodes is made even easier with Axicon.  We have established a production base in the manufacturing hub of Guangdong where labels can be printed and supplied directly to your exporter, and be integrated with their production and packaging operations.

This Chinese production means we can save you time and costs in transporting labels from the UK to China.  We can supply labels to any manufacturer in China and ensure that your products are ready for immediate despatch once they arrive in the UK.  We also supply exporters in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and Vietnam.

Labels are designed in the UK to meet your requirements and produced using the same equipment that we use in the UK, and following the same rigorous production and quality assurance standards.  Every batch of labels is checked, verified, and approved to ensure it meets the requirements for global trade.

为了保证你从中国进口的产品包装标签能达到英国国家检测标准, Axicon 在位于广东省的主要工业区设置了条码标签印刷分部.

我公司不仅能为在中国的出口商直接提供产品包装印刷标签服务, 同时也包括香港, 台湾, 马来西亚, 韩国以及越南在内的客户提供此项服务.

我们的标签在英国设计, 安全符合你的需求. 我们运用与英国相同的印刷仪器, 相同的生产质量, 每一批标签都会在交货前通过系统的检查, 仪器检测和许可达到国际交易标准.

请与我们在英国的资深队伍联系 – 我们随时为你提供服务.

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