Need to apply your labels quickly and accurately? From portable hand held applicators to desk mounted devices, our label applicators and dispensers are an economical solution allowing you to apply your labels faster and more accurately than by hand.

The whole of our range is of a sturdy construction, designed and built to last for years with minimum maintenance and are able to work with on a wide range of sizes and materials.

Towa hand held applicators

Speed, accuracy of application, portability and ease of use make handheld label applicators a popular choice for many companies. With a minimum label width of 30mm and low pricing, these machines can handle the vast majority of commonly used labels. No other conventional type label applicators ensure proper and exact labelling like the Fixa Applicator series.


Manual label dispensers

Manual Label Dispensers are commonly found in dispatch areas. The increase in home deliveries has however led to them becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant and food service sectors, helping to keep work areas organised and free of clutter.

Label rewinders and unwinders

Boost the efficiency of your thermal transfer printer by adding a large capacity unwind or external rewind. Simple to use and compatible with all thermal printers and available with a range of core sizes.


Flexmatic Developed to accurately apply labels to a wide range of flat products including Bags, Envelopes, Pamphlets, PCB’s etc. up to a maximum thickness of 4mm.


Semi automatic dispensers

Electric semi automatic label dispensers

The simple, economical solution to Label Dispensing. A range of Semi-Automatic label dispensers, which are robust, require minimal maintenance, and are covered by a full warranty against manufacturing defects. All Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers can be supplied with an Optical Sensor or a Micro-Switch.



Bottle applicators

Whether you need to label a short or long run of run of cylindrical items our manual or automatic applicators apply your labels quickly and accurately place labels in the same location for consistent look.