Labels corner radius guide

The corner radius is a measurement describing the curve on the corners of your labels. This is measured in millimetres and refers to the radius of the circle created if the curve was extended to create a full circle.

What radius should I choose for my labels? For the majority of labels, the deciding factor will be the look of the label on the finished product with designers choosing square or rounded corners to enhance a certain look or to help distinguish the product from others on the shelf. However, automatically applied labels will often require a small radius to help them come away from the backing paper.

To measure the corners on your existing labels, download the pdf at the bottom of this page. Print this out and hold your label against the corners until you find a match.

Below is an example of some of the various shaped corners available for your labels. The industry standard is a 0.6mm corner radius but we are able to supply corners at any radius at all.

    Axicon corner radius guide