Peel and reveal labels

When you want to provide extra product information but your labels aren’t quite large enough, think about some of our more innovative peel and reveal labels. All of these will be specially designed and made to your specifications, so please contact us and we will be glad to see how we could help.

Our peel and reveal and leaflet labels are used to provide ingredients listings, regulated product information, user instructions, promotional offers, different languages – whatever you need to improve your customers’ experience.

Peel and reveal labels

When space is tight on products, and you need to provide more information to your customers, peel and reveal labels could be the perfect answer. Designed using permanent and removable adhesives, the label can be almost peeled off the item to reveal further text on its reverse. Some of these labels can be designed so that they open up to twice their original size to provide useful space for any type of communication.

Ideal for promotional offers, the label can be reapplied to the product so that it still looks good.

Leaflet labels

When you need to provide more information about your product, but you are pushed for space, and don’t want to increase the packaging size, leaflet labels are a great idea.  Whether you need extra space for regulatory required information, or to provide extra product information, or promotional offers such as money-off coupons and competitions, these labels can be specified so that the label can be opened and closed several times.

We can also produce simpler read-once leaflet labels which are not designed to be closed again.

The designs of these labels can vary enormously. Some are like concertinas or accordions, with several panels that can be unfolded to be read, and then folded back and sealed back down again. Others are designed like a small book, with several pages, and these too can be closed and sealed again by the customer. These options mean that you can provide all the information you must or want to provide, without increasing your apparent label size, and without using extra packaging.

Using these labels, printed in as many colours as you need, means your product will always look good, you can meet any regulatory requirements for extra information, and still delight your customer with smart and effective labelling.

Contact us for more information on peel and reveal labels