Card seal label open

Secure your cards and envelopes without
the fear of damaging them.

Introducing Card Seal from Axicon: The ultimate way to secure you cards and envelopes without the fear of damaging your cards.

Our card seal labels are made using our ultra removable card peel adhesive. We are confident that they will be easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue or damage the surface or finish of your card. We suggest that you test your card clips on your cards for a minimum of twenty four hours before
removing them so that you can be sure that they perform as well as you expect.

Long term customer and user of our card seals, Susan O’Hanlon, has said this about them:

“Axicon have been very helpful in sourcing the appropriate label stock for our new stickers, so that they can be removed easily without damaging the cards. This means we can use these stickers with all types of card, and know that our customers will be delighted when they peel off perfectly,”

In addition to card seals, Axicon offer a range of price, barcode and price code labels. These are availble in our standard removable, ultra removable or permanent adhesives.

Card seal

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