winding positions

What are label winding specifications and why is this important?

This dictates how your labels will be supplied and is particularly important when ordering blank
labels for use in a thermal transfer printer or if these are to be machine applied or dispensed. However, this should also be considered if you are applying your labels by hand, allowing you to apply your labels easily with a minimum amount of waste.

The illustration above shows the possible specifications for customers using label applicators. Whoever is applying the labels will require their labels to be supplied in a way that maximises efficiency. In most cases they will be able to supply you with a specification that will include details such as a certain edge leading off the reel, a specific core size, wound facing inside or outside and a maximum reel size.

Let our sales and customer service team know the number of the diagram that matches your requirement along with the core and reel size to help us ensure that your labels are supplied the way that is best for you.

When ordering labels for direct thermal, thermal transfer or desktop inkjet printers, it is important that we know the make and model of the printer so that we can be sure the labels we supply have the correct core size and that the overall size of the reel will fit into the printer.

Our range of equipment and tooling allows us to supply labels for all of the most common makes and models of printer from small mobile printers with labels on 19mm cores to more industrial label printers and applicators that use 75mm cores.

Not sure what you need? We are happy to advise you or speak directly with your co-packers to help you establish the most suitable and cost effective option for your labels.

Axicon Winding Specifications