The Flex-Matic is a simple, economical solution to applying labels to a wide range of flat products. They are robust, require minimal maintenance and are supplied with a full warranty against manufacturing defects.

Developed to accurately apply labels to a wide range of flat products including bags, envelopes, pamphlets, PCBs etc… up to a maximum thickness of 4mm. Labels can be positioned almost anywhere on the product with the only restriction being that they must be a minimum of 19mm from the leading edge.

Applying labels automatically ensures that they are applied straight, without creases and consistently in the same place on your product. Speed of application is dependent upon the size of label and the operator but our experience is that users are typically able to label 1,200 items an hour.

The Flex-Matic is able to work with a wide range of self adhesive materials from the more commonly used paper labels and synthetic materials to lesser used polymer and even peel and reveal or leaflet labels. It is even possible to use continuous material as long as there is a cut-out section to activate the sensor.

Whatever the material, we recommend that we carry out a test using your labels and your products so that you can be sure that the end result is exactly as expected. You are welcome to attend or if it’s easier we can film this and send you the results.


Label length

50mm (minimum)

Label width

50mm to 290mm

Label gap

3mm minimum

Roll diameter

220mm (380mm with optional adaptor)

Core size



Circa 1,200 units per hour dependant upon labels size and operator

Electrical supply

230V 50HZ (115V 60HZ upon request)


53cm x 43cm x 20cm (L x W x H)



Flex Matic label applicator
Flex Matic label applicator

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