Axicon 40 year party

The company’s main activities are now the design and manufacture of barcode verifiers, the production of self-adhesive labels, with and without barcodes, as well as the creation of barcode image files that are still used in artwork.

“Barcodes were very rare in the UK 40 years ago,” explained Michael Hicks, son of Peter Hicks and present owner of Axicon, “and our early involvement in the barcode industry has paid off.  We now have a business with worldwide customers, and we are still the only UK manufacturer of barcode verifiers.  Our labels business too is going well, and good barcode images are still in demand.”

Axicon Auto ID celebrated its 40th anniversary on 21 June 2019 with a party bringing together former and present members of the company.  Visitors included staff from the USA, Latin America and Europe, so it was an international event.

The day began with a team building event, led by Tom Morley an international arts based team builder and speaker. This was followed by training sessions for our overseas staff and a gala dinner in the evening.

Axicon was established in 1979 by Peter and Jenny Hicks, and they began importing barcode film masters (master images of barcodes for including in packaging artwork) into the UK.  Over time the company designed and manufactured its own barcode film master production equipment, began to print barcoded labels, and then developed barcode verifiers that are now sold worldwide.

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