Purple Haze case study

“We thought we had quite a simple labelling job, and had no idea that Axicon’s help could save us hours of labelling time”, explains John Horne of Purple Haze.

Purple Haze is a small company that specialises in vaping products, established by John and Denise Horne and Andy King after benefiting themselves from using vaping to give up smoking.

“We started in the corner of a tattoo shop, and now have two shops, in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, and Daventry, Northamptonshire, with a wide range of vaping products. We also make our own e-liquids in three strengths, and in 12 different flavours, and we needed to have these small items correctly labelled.”

“Our labels have to be laminated to ensure that our branding and the user instructions are never affected by any spillage”, adds Denise Horne, “and we were applying two small extra labels by hand to each bottle to provide batch and best-before-date information.”

Axicon explained that a small thermal-transfer printer could be used in-house to overprint pre-printed laminated labels, so making sure that the extra information is always correct, always readable and perfectly positioned.

“The quality of the colour printing of our labels is better than it was before, and following Axicon’s recommendation to overprint in-house has saved us hours of labelling time per week. We are really pleased with the service provided by Axicon, and we can buy labels in small quantities which are delivered just when we need them”, added John Horne.

Axicon can provide a complete range of labels, from blanks for overprinting in-house through to full colour, on a wide

range of substrates with a choice of adhesives. The company specialises in small quantities but can also produce large scale orders when required.

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